We feel confident making the audacious claim that Vadiance Water can meet different needs for different people. Water can do this because:

Water is innately intelligent.

Water knows how energy flows.

Water is patient and persistent.

In the same way that it will spend years gently working to dislodge a boulder blocking the flow of a river, it will keep working to dislodge and flush out any tangible or intangible matter that is blocking the flow of energy in your body.

Water liquefies.

It can merge with solid stone and turn it into movable sand.

Water purifies.

That which is dirty is made clean, both physically and energetically.


Water has resonance.


Resonance is an energy frequency match. Where there is a need for, and receptivity to, a specific life energy frequency in you, the matching frequency in the water will be attracted to it. Our Vadiance water was consciously created to cover a full spectrum of energy frequencies.