Vadiance Water Testimonials

Honestly, I was skeptical of your beautiful-water in the blue jar. I was stepping into my husband’s shoes and saying to myself “prove it”. Taking Vadiance for the past month has given me significantly increased motivation to focus on my diet and regular exercise. As a result, I’m feeling better than ever! I did the work, but I believe Vadiance gave me the extra motivational support I needed to accomplish my goal. Thanks to Vadiance I now have more clarity and focus than I ever have before! 

Jodi Feist, Colorado

Wow! I have been taking Vadiance Water for about 4-5 days and I’m noticing these effects:
-More energy, like coffee, but without the buzz
-Need less sleep. Normally I need about 6.5 hours per night, and since taking Vadiance, I’ve needed 5.5 hours per night 
-More relaxed
-Meditations are deeper

Dr. Arjun Reyes

Medical Doctor & Psychiatrist

Have I felt anything different since drinking Vadiance Water? Yes, I think it helps with energy; focus and intentions are powerful! I’ll take a 55 gallon drum!

Dr. Mary Harrow, DO

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Center for Vital Health inc, Colorado

I feel positve about everyday life in general. It’s a baseline quiet joy. It’s not that I never get upset, but I seem to be more unflappable. Little things don’t bother me.

Dr. Susan Schroeder, MD

Medical Doctor of Dermatology, Perfect Skin Dermatology, Colorado

I’ve only used Vadiance for about 12-14 days but feel noticeably better! More energy and vitality, not as many emotional “ups and downs” throughout the week. 

Lorinne S., CT

I recently had a car accident that left me feeling shaky and anxious. I immediately increased my intake of Vadiance Water, and I noticed feeling more stable, calm and peaceful. I also noticed a marked feeling of greater joy in life, as well as a sense that “things are going to work out”. I feel that it helps me access my true self more easily and consistently and my overall outlook on life is more positive. I believe it is helping me clear past emotional traumas and this recovery process is going quicker and more smoothly than other traumas from previous events. I have also been giving Vadiance Water to my cat and I believe it has helped her recover from trauma as well, and she has been consistently healthy and energetic while taking the water.

I forgot to take it for a few days, and I noticed the difference. I missed the support the water gave me emotionally. I felt more discouraged about negative things when I was not taking the water.

I am very grateful for all the benefits that I have experienced while taking Vadiance Water!

Kimberly G., California

I’ve been taking Vadiance for a few months now and can honestly say that it has improved my state of mind.  The initial effects were subtle as I was experimenting with the dosing. However, it wasn’t until I came off the water for a couple of days that I noticed how much Vadiance was actually benefiting me.  I am more focused and my outlook and response to everyday interactions is definitely more positive.  I feel great!

Matt Taraborelli, Colorado

When I first started taking Vadiance I experienced some detox symptoms. There was a day when I felt very emotional, however when I woke up the next morning, I felt positively energized. Several days later I encountered a difficult situation at work. Normally I would have been devastated and emotional about it, but instead I felt light hearted and almost joyful. I knew it had to be Vadiance supporting me. Overall Vadiance makes me feel vigorous and energized; it is as if my body and mind are being cleansed. I’m so excited about this product and thank you for sharing it with me!

Nadine Goering, Colorado

After I started taking Vadiance Water (four droppers per day), I felt energized and light. Lately, I’ve been going through some personal challenges and feel with drinking Vadiance, I’ve been able to stay focused in spite of the circumstance.

Christine Fiorentino, California

After taking Vadiance, I now feel a much greater sense of calm and completeness in my life. I recently went on vacation and usually the first few days I feel a higher level of anxiety, but after taking Vadiance on my last trip, I felt relaxed and at peace right away.

Veronica Cea, New York

My experience with Vadiance water has been as-needed like when I need an added boost of energy, clarity, confidence, or if I am feeling anxious about an upcoming social or professional situation. While the effects of the water are more subtle and gentle when, say, compared to pharmaceuticals, almost without fail I will notice feeling better, sometimes within a half hour, or an hour, and sometimes I don’t really notice until I’m halfway through the day that I just have a general sense of enjoying myself, feeling a calm, positive, confident sort of mood, less worried, more motivated, and generally more effective. I feel more patient with regard to my relationships with others, perhaps more compassionate or empathetic, and definitely more at ease.

Tom M, California

Love your product, has absolutely helped with my general well being and clear state of mind.  It has also absolutely improved my ability to focus on the task at hand with improved motivation!

Marcie Van Wart, Colorado

I have been using Vadiance Water Supplement daily and have had a few “a ha” moments since starting the regiment.  The major difference I have noticed in myself is the ability to focus and be less lethargic about my daily tasks, whether it’s at work or at home doing chores and such. The changes I’ve seen have been very subtle, but overall positive.

Ian Knoop, Colorado

An experience I can share about drinking the Vadiance water is connected to my water blessing that I do each morning. Part of this ritual is acknowledging where the water came from. I generally have spring water that I fill up from local springs, and hence acknowledge the spring and watershed it came from. At one point, I realized I should acknowledge the Vadiance water also since I add it to my spring water. When I made that acknowledgment, I felt a strong very bright energy. Like a cosmic pulse of some kind. I’ve done it multiple times and sense big, beautiful energy each time.
You guys are making something magical!!
Carley C., Oregon

Taking Vadiance was an awesome experience. Some of the benefits I picked up were more focus, visions during meditation, more concentration, less irritable, more sense of peace and able to let go of things easier. It was truly an experience being a part of the trial and I thank you for that.

Amanda Freeney, Illinois

I ran into an issue with our local post office. Long story, but they lost a priority mail package multiple times that we urgently needed. Before taking Vadiance, I would have shown up at the managers office and stood on his desk (figuratively) to get a resolution and share my aggravation. After taking Vadiance I was able to discuss the issue with the post office without losing my cool.

Paul Lachance, Colorado

Since taking Vadiance Water, I have experienced an increase in emotional awareness, processing, and release. While this process has not always been easy or pleasant, I feel more aware of what is really important to me, and my higher purpose in life. Although I cannot 100% definitively attribute all this to Vadiance Water, the timing is very interesting.

Chris Fern, Massachusetts

Working with Vadiance Water allows me to savor my life. I find that on the days that I take the time to be with the water in the morning, softly focusing my attention and touching in with my gratitude, my life unfolds in a way that is richer, slower, more poignant, and layered with meaning. This ritual signals to my whole being that this day is a gift, and opens my heart to the wild potentials for healing, ease, learning, and love that will no doubt be offered during its course.

The healing power of water, in general, is one of the great gifts of this world. The opportunity to connect deeply with water that has been tended with intention and love is a privilege indeed.

Bryn McAfee, California

One of my intentions with taking Vadiance was to decrease smoking cigarettes, and it definitely helped me. After taking it for several days, my cravings for cigarettes went away entirely. 

C.A. New York

Since starting taking Vadiance I have enjoyed several benefits. The first comes from the time I take to give gratitude to the water, vital life energy in the blue bottle and my body’s ability to heal. This moment of intention often gets overlooked by me, however while using Vadiance it brings about the desire to take a moment out of each day for myself. Secondly, I have an increased faith in my body’s ability to heal with the partnership of the water. It is as if the water has an energizing effect that increases the amplitude in my body. Lastly because I choose to drink the water in the morning I am more conscious of having water sooner than later in the day. I am thankful for Vadiance water supplement!

Laura Grogan, Colorado

Normally, after a poor nights sleep, I usually find my energy lacking. However, after drinking Vadiance Water I find my energy is stronger, even after poor sleep.

Peter Bulliard, Louisana

It has been two months since I started drinking the Vadiance Water. I can say unreservedly that I feel so grateful and blessed to have this product. I treat it with great reverence and respect as, once I drink it, the water absolutely “knows” what to do to improve my health and vitality. I monitor my dosage daily and trust it completely. I have noticed my dreams are more vivid and lucid than ever before. I have also been clearing old emotional patterns or traumas that were deeply buried in my psyche/cells. I feel a heightened awareness now, giving me the opportunity to change whatever may be off in the moment. I have recommended Vadiance Water to others who are ready to engage in deep healing, want to connect more to their Higher Selves, and are committed to their own conscious evolution. This water is truly one of a kind!

M.C., California

Vadiance Water has positively affected my mental clarity and emotional equilibrium. As a sexual assault survivor with post traumatic stress, driving through a rainstorm often leaves me distraught. Now after drinking Vadiance Water, I am amazed by how good I feel in high stress situations.

E.A., California

Normally I go dancing every week, but since I hadn’t been able to go for a whole month, I expected to have sore muscles the next day. I didn’t, and I attribute it do drinking high doses of the Vadiance Water, because that was the only variable in my life.

I never used to remember my dreams, but now I wake up in the middle of them, am able to observe myself in the dream, remember details, and in some cases, modify the dream. These are new experiences I attribute to drinking the water.

I believe that drinking the water for a month has contributed significantly to my ability to stay emotionally centered when something upsetting occurs. The evidence is that when a house that I really wanted to buy got sold, I was able to stay calm and accept the situation.

A.R.., California

I have been taking Vadiance water for nine days and my sleep has been noticeably deeper. I have also noticed faster recovery after workouts. I have had less joint stiffness or soreness.

Michael C., California

After taking Vadiance water for several days, I noticed that I had more energy, and my sleep is improving. When I stopped taking Vadiance water for two days, my energy level and sleep plateaued.

Charlotte S, California

When I take the water, I see in my minds eye sliver lights, the silver lights disseminate into my body, and I experience a body tingling, and I feel lightness in myself.

Sheila D, California

I took 12 drops of Vadiance water in the AM. That day, I noticed I was more present, and didn’t have internal rush. I felt grounded, more internal presence, and inspired.

Cherly R, California

Some of the people providing testimonials may have been given free product on a trial basis, for testing purposes, or as a ‘thank you’ for providing the testimonial. The testimonials are the individual real-life experiences of those who have used Vadiance Water Supplement. The results depicted are individual and subjective, but are generally typical of what most users report. As Vadiance Water adapts to each user, your experience may vary. Some users report no effect from Vadiance Water and this is why we offer a money-back guarantee.


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