Scientific References for Vadiance Water Technology

The following are select references to frontier science, concepts, and technologies that contribute to the foundation for Vadiance Water technology. Please keep in mind, just as text book science is always evolving, so is frontier science.

Dr. Pollack has demonstrated that not all water is the same. Water near boundaries of various materials has very different properties than general bulk water. He calls this exclusion zone (EZ) water. Pollack believes this same EZ water is found in living organisms. Mae Wan Ho agrees with this perspective.

Gerald H. Pollack (2013): The Fourth Phase of Water, Ebner & Sons Publishers, Seattle WA, USA

Mae Wan Ho (2008): Rainbow and the Worm, The: The Physics of Organisms (3rd Edition), World Scientific Pub Co Inc.

The following publications demonstrate that water from different sources (and different locations) produce different crystallization patterns.

Andreas Schulz (2005): Water Crystals: Making the Quality of Water Visible, Floris Books

In addition, water subjected to different intentions shows different crystallization patterns. This book is less of a scientific report, than a summary of results:

Masaru Emoto (2005): The Hidden Messages in Water, Atria Books

However, Dean Radin has rigourously validated the effect of intention on water crystal patterns, very much in the same vein as Emoto’s work above. He even demonstrates that the effect occurs remotely:

Dean Radin (2006): Double-Blind Test of the Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation, Ions Publication. 

Professor Robert Haralick measures quantifiable changes in water that result from conscious intention alone. He also covers many important points about how the experimenter can (perhaps unexpectedly) influence the experiment. Suggestions are offered on how to clear the influence of intentions on the experiment, in order to have more reliable results.

Robert Haralick (2018): Mind Over Matter – Subtle Energy Protocols, Experiments, Baseline Results & Conscious Intention, Water and Subtle Energy

Homeopathic treatment of water has measurable effects on its UV light absorbance spectrum, visible light absorbance spectrum, and Raman spectrum of water:

Manju Lata Rao, Rustum Roy, Iris R.Bell, Richard Hoover (2007): The defining role of structure (including epitaxy) in the plausibility of homeopathy, Homeopathy, Vol 96, Issue 3, July 2007, Pages 175-182.

Various experiments demonstrating measurable effects of focused intention. This includes changes in the pH of water. In other words, intention can change the pH of water:

William Tiller (2001): Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics, Pavior Publishing

Treating water with particular flowforms / flow patterns changes the nature of water:

Friedrich Hacheney (2004): Levitiertes Wasser in Forschung und Anwendung, Verlag Michaels

The following researchers have discovered variations in many physical processes which track the cycles of Earth’s rotation, lunar cycles, and solar cycles. We believe that these are subtle energy (ie vital life energies) and are one and the same as those that we use in the creation of Vadiance Water:

Piccardi G (1962): Chemical Basis of Medical Climatology, Charles Thomas Publisher, Springfield, Il., USA.

Simon E. Shnoll (2012): Cosmophysical Factors in Stochastic Process, American Research Press, Rehoboth (NM), USA.

Ernst Zürcher (2014): Lunar Rhythmicities in the Biology of Trees, Especially in the Germination of European Spruce, Switzerland.

The following references are not included for their rigorous scientific value, but more for their inspirational value, to those with an expansive or visionary inclination:

Callum Coats (2001): Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger 2nd Edition, The O’Brien Press

Viktor Schauberger, edited by Callum Coats (1999): The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, Gill & MacMillan, Limited;

Viktor Schauberger, edited by Callum Coats (1999): Nature as Teacher: New Principles in the Working of Nature, Gill & MacMillan, Limited;

Viktor Schauberger, edited by Callum Coats (2000): The Energy Evolution: Harnessing Free Energy From Nature, Gill & MacMillan, Limited


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