How Vadiance Water Supplement might help you

About Vadiance Science and Vadiance Water from Founder Dr. Derek Gerlach


What others are experiencing

Some of the most common benefits users report are:

• Higher energy and focus
• Greater emotional balance and harmony
• Lower stress and an increased ability to stay calm and centered (even in stressful situations)
• Feeling “All is right with the world”
• Increased ability to access, process, and release negative emotion
• Clearing of old emotional shocks
• Sounder sleep
• More vivid dreams
• Cellular Rejuvenation
• Resolution of longstanding physical impairments
• Quicker and deeper access to meditative state


The key to Vadiance: Vital Life Force Energy

Vital life force energy is an energy responsible for growth, repair, and flourishing of living things. It surrounds and penetrates living matter. It is an ancient concept present in every culture, with the exception of modern Western culture. It goes by various names: Subtle Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana, Mana, and Vibrational Qualities.

There are a variety of types of vital life energies; it is not a monolithic resource. When these various types of energies become depleted or imbalanced, any number of side effects can occur. An energy imbalance can mean having too much of or too little of a particular life energy band. Examples include:

  • Physical: Sluggish energy, Tired all the time, Toxic substances in your body, Chronic discomfort
  • Emotional: Inability to stay calm and centered, Excessive worry, Reactivity, Low motivation, Repressed emotions
  • Mental: Inability to turn mind off, Confusion, Limiting beliefs, Lack of focus
  • Spiritual: Disconnect from higher purpose, Limited creativity, Inability to see big picture

Energy Replenishment & Repair

Your vital life energy storage can be seen as analogous to a bucket of water. When we are in good physical/emotional/spiritual health, the bucket is full. When we experience life’s problems, take chronic stress for example, we create holes in the bucket and the water begins to run out. We can replenish the lost life energy through exercise, acupuncture, Reiki, meditation, coaching, therapy, spiritual practices, vacations, etc. While these are helpful, they may or may not solve the underlying issue (ie, the energy imbalance) of hole having been created. Moreover, they all take time and money.

Our Solution: Vadiance Water Supplement

One of the breakthroughs Vadiance Science has developed is identifying a pallet of vital energies which not only restore depleted energies, but can support the repair of the leaks, and resolve the energy imbalance at a root level. A second breakthrough is an advanced process that imbues water with high concentrations of this vital life energy. In this process there are no chemicals, additives, or harsh processes — just pure vital life energy charged spring water. The life energy imbued in Vadiance Water are a resource which each person’s system can use in whatever way it needs most. In this way, the water meets you where you are. This water is not a drug; rather, it is a potent carrier of living energy.


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